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      In October 17th, Xiamen District top quality OPEN club HOUSE CLUB tasting will be held in the road around the island of a club, and announced in November will be officially in Mingfa commercial square opening. It is reported, OPEN HOUSE CLUB has 2000 square meters of ultra wide space, designed by the famous master of Europe to assume the task of investigating, every detail will show incisively and vividly the quality. As a light type quality luxury nightclub, OPEN HOUSE praised the noble life and enjoy the luxury of life as the main body, for the purpose of creating a taste of art, entertainment, the scarcity of territory.

     The party car gathered together, beauty, entertainment field top power, invited nearly a thousand guests. From the host size, industry influence, brand cohesion and other aspects of exemplary. OPEN HOUSE invited the famous Taiwan dance team and brand strength DJ on-site interpretation, from all over the world foreign models and fashion circle is more icing on the cake for the party models. Guests enjoy the beautiful view of the sea; or reside in the food side; or pacing in the luxury clubs, edge enjoy fine dining, edge and his friend.
According to OPEN HOUSE CLU Xia Zong, the interior will device 17 meters long giant shark tank, consumers will enjoy the rare black shark and all kinds of rare species, this is in the Asia Pacific region art unique! There are also gold bartender, has won major international awards Hongkong Lan Kwai Fong fancy wine cup, let everybody in the most beautiful shop taste cocktail hour. OPEN HOUSE uses a greater China Xiamen massage entertainment industry experts elite operation cabinet, professional management mode, a full English butler service, committed to building the top luxury bar light. welcome to xiamen massage<< Previous Last Next >>
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